Our Leadership Team

Shlomo Harnoy

Founder & Partner

Shlomo directs the planning and management of Sdema’s flagship projects in the fields of aviation security, critical infrastructure protection, safe city, dignitary protection and event security. He steers our physical security group in designing security concepts that support our clients’ unique business and implements solutions that best integrate highly skilled security personnel with technology and procedures.

Before founding Sdema, Shlomo served in the Israel Security Agency for over 30 years retiring as the Director of the Dignitary and Official Delegations Protection Unit. Shlomo was appointed to head the Unit after the tragic assassination of the late Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Yitzhak Rabin, and in response implemented innovate new security concepts and sweeping reforms. Shlomo also managed the security of historic landmarks including the signing of peace treaties and US Presidential visits to Israel.

Shlomo initiated, planned and commanded complex, sensitive and multidisciplinary protection operations in Israel and overseas and cooperated with intelligence and protection communities around the world, including shared learning and information exchanges. He developed a unique specialty in determining comprehensive threat levels.

While in the Security Agency, Shlomo also served as the Regional Director of  Security for Western Europe and Latin America. In these capacities, he managed coordination, monitoring and professional direction for large, complex and sensitive security forces at international sites: aviation and nautical security, protection of diplomatic delegations, emissaries and official delegations, and information security.

Shlomo recently became a skipper and spends much of his spare time navigating the open seas.